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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

A fun if flawed sequel that’s sure to entertain action buffs and fans of the original film.

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I was blown away by the original Kingsman film when it was released, as it had the perfect amount of action, comedy, amazing fight scenes and cool special effects. So like everyone else, I was pumped for an inevitable sequel, which has now made its way to home video with the Kingsman: The Golden Circle Blu-ray. While not as good overall as the first movie, there’s still plenty of awesome action and crazy comedic moments for fans and action flick lovers.

Chris Pandolfi reviewed the theatrical presentation of this and you can check out his take on it for all the plot details and more, which frees me up to give my two cents on the film and the special features. While I can understand why Chris didn’t like it, I still managed to have a good time as I saw it for what it is, some good ol’ fashioned mindless fun. Sure it could’ve done without senseless swearing and other foul moments, but we’re all here for the action and sweet gadgets both the Kingsman and Statesman use in their fight against evil. With that being said, they pretty much nailed those parts and then some, as they rarely disappoint and will have viewers wanting to go back and watch it again with friends to get their take on these moments.

Those bits are made better thanks to the high definition details of Blu-ray, as both the visuals and sound will have you ducking and dodging whips, lassos, and gunfire as they appear. There’s also some pretty sweet special features along for the ride, such as “Kingsman: Inside the Golden Circle” that’s a nice documentary that runs for nearly two hours. Here you’ll go behind the scenes of the making of the film, the cast and their characters, set design, costume design, fight scene design, props, the visual effects, the editing, sound design, and even the great Sir Elton John has his own feature here. There’s also some image galleries, a behind the scenes look at one of the opening action scenes, and a few other small extras to check out.

While not put together as well as the first film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is still a good time for any action movie buff or fans of the original movie. Not even some of the senseless crude bits can get in the way of awesome action scenes, special effects, and zany humor featured here which is sure to loop viewers into its circle of fun.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell