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Killing Hasselhoff (DVD)
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Killing Hasselhoff (DVD)

An offbeat comedy with just enough zany humor to keep things lively.

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Who would’ve thought that David Hasselhoff would make an unexpected comeback like he has? Starting with bit roles in various movies and shows over the past decade, to the recent Kung Fury and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 music videos he’s done, there seems to be no stopping him. To coast on that success, he stars in a crazy comedy with the always fun Ken Jeong in Killing Hasselhoff, which might not be one of the top comedies out there, but there’s enough laughs to keep viewers from hassling the hoff.

Ken Jeong stars as Chris, a nightclub owner that’s in debt up to his eyeballs to a nasty loan shark named Wasserstein (Will Sasso). Thinking of anything he can do to pay him back or be killed, he comes across an insane celebrity death pool where you choose a name and have to kill them to win a cash prize. So of course Chris ends up with David Hasselhoff’s name and finds out he worth more than enough money to pay off his debt and have a nice amount left over. But things get crazy when Wasserstein decides he wants that prize money for himself and sends a hitman to off the hoff first. So Chris and some of his buds have to do their best to get to Hasselhoff before Wasserstein’s guy does, and hilarity ensues.

I’ll admit it’s not one of the better comedies out there, but I found it just entertaining enough to see it through. Most of the jokes come off flat, but like any mediocre thing, there were some good parts in between. There’s also some cameo appearances by various celebrities that helped things along, as well as nods to Hasselhoff’s past on Knight Rider and Baywatch. With this being a DVD release, the picture and sound were serviceable but not much else. There’s also not a lot going on in the special features department besides some deleted scenes that neither add nor take away from the film.

If you’re looking for a fun rental or if you’re a fan of Ken Jeong and/or David Hasselhoff, you’ll want to check out Killing Hasselhoff. It’s not one of the best comedies out there, and it’s certainly not for everyone, but if you go in with an open mind and like the cast, you’ll get a few laughs here and there for sure.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell