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Key and Peele: The Complete Series (DVD)
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Key and Peele: The Complete Series (DVD)

An amazing series that should be in every comedy connoisseur’s collection.

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I’ve been a big fan of Key and Peele since their MAD TV days, and while I was sad when they ended their hit series on Comedy Central, I’m glad they went off to do even bigger things such as their movie Keanu. Now all five hilarious seasons of their show are now available in the epic Key and Peele: The Complete Series DVD set. Viewers can check out what makes these two so great with ten discs packed with their uncensored antics that’s loads of laughs for those not easily offended.

The things I love most about these two is that they tend to make fun of any and everything, and once they do, they tend to go there and push it all the way. Whether it’s them playing parking valets that take their love of movies to insane levels, or poking fun at stereotypical black church ladies that decide to duke it out with the devil, these two tackle a topic and bring the laughs hard. Some of my personal favorite recurring skits are the ones where they make fun of the ridiculous names a lot of pro football players have, and the substitute teacher that mispronounces the names of his students (Blake is Ba-lock-kay, Aaron is A-A-Ron). Then of course there’s the infamous ones where they poke at Barack Obama and his anger translator Luther that actually caught the president’s attention and featured Keegan-Michael Key at one of his press conferences as Luther. Whatever the skit is, the two bring the laughs and will have most who watch rolling on the ground, as long as you can handle it.

I wish to goodness this could’ve been a Blu-ray release as Comedy Central did with their first few seasons, but for a DVD set, things come in clean and clear enough on the visuals and audio. The same special features that were included in the first two seasons are here, such as behind the scenes stuff, but sadly there’s nothing new after that. It would’ve been nice to have had some interviews with them about each season and go into what made them stop after five seasons. But the skits are the best part of these discs and are guaranteed to be viewed over and over many times.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele bring the laughs and then some in Key and Peele: The Complete Series DVD set. It would’ve been great had this been a Blu-ray set and included some more extras, but this is hands down one of the best comedy series ever and deserves to be owned and watched by anyone looking for laughs.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell