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Kandagawa Jet Girls: Complete Collection
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Kandagawa Jet Girls: Complete Collection

Those who enjoy fanservice and jet ski racing will want to splash into this series.

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Anyone familiar with the fanservice-laden Senran Kagura games and anime series by Kenichiro Takaki will be happy to know they have a spin-off series of sorts with Kandagawa Jet Girls, which also happens to an anime show and video game based off of it. We’ll be looking into the series with the release of Kandagawa Jet Girls: Complete Collection, which has plenty of wet and wild action for mature fans.

Rin Namiki is looking to get into Kandagawa Jet Racing just as her late mom used to do. In this sport, there are two members, one who drives the Jet ski-like vehicle while the other member rides on the back and controls a high-powered water gun to shoot away other racers as the competition does the same. Sadly her remote village doesn’t have access to any racing there, so she heads to a school in Tokyo to make her dream a reality.

Then there’s Misa Aoi who is also looking to being the best Kandagawa racer out there. But with the school’s jet riding club being shut down and having no one to team with, her dream looks to be out of reach. As anime fate would have it, these two young ladies just happen to cross paths and see in each other the power to be the best team out there. So they’ll have to get the school’s racing club started again and prove they have what it takes to enter the racing tournament, if they can get on the same page and sort through the numerous challenges and opponents that stand in their way.

While this series is really about seeing scantily clad or just outright naked anime ladies in and out of the water (thanks to an uncensored release), I still had fun watching Rin and Misa form an underdog team and fight their way through one obstacle after another. Though I will be honest and admit that focusing on the story, the over-the-top fanservice and even an ability the jet racer shooters have where they can blast away an opponent’s clothing can be a bit too much at times.

Even still, if you’re able to look past these moments, you’ll find some fun, funny, and even sometimes dramatic bits that’ll have you looking to the next episode for more. Everything looks and sounds great in high-definition, and there’s some nice extras outside of the usual clean opening and closing credits. The main one being an OVA that takes place between some of the earlier episodes which was a nice treat, along with some original Japanese promotional videos to round out the special features.

If you enjoy wet and wild anime fanservice, you’ll want to dive into Kandagawa Jet Girls: Complete Collection. Those who can look past all of the constant kinkiness will find a fun series filled with plenty of racing action and the drama that comes with forming a friendship and fighting through setbacks. Once you’re done with the series, there’s the video game to check out for even more fanservice fun in the sun.

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