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Kamisama Kiss: Season Two (Blu-ray)
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Kamisama Kiss: Season Two (Blu-ray)

A fun romance-comedy series with supernatural elements that any anime fan will enjoy.

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While I’ve never seen the infamous anime series Fruits Basket, I know enough about it to gauge it’s a pretty funny and touching romantic-comedy series that I’ll have to get around to one day. It’s good to know some of the folks behind it are still doing great work, which leads to their latest project and season of it in the Kamisama Kiss: Season Two Blu-ray set. Featuring twelve zany episodes on two discs, this is a series any anime fan worth their salt will want to check out.

After the events in the first season, where a young lady named Nanami becomes a deity of the land after helping out the previous one, the fox deity named Tomoe, things are finally starting to work out for the both of them, Nanami is slowly getting used to people coming to her shrine and giving her praises as she keeps the land looking beautiful, while Tomoe does his part in helping her with her godly duties. Of course with the two of them working so closely, feelings were bound to come between them, which Tomoe brushes off for the most part but feels himself falling for Nanami. Just when things couldn’t get more awkward, the flowers and plant life around their home begin dying little by little, and they learn Tomoe’s brother Jiro is behind it. Nanami, Tomoe and their friends will have to team up and find out what Jiro’s plans are and restore order to nature, if the two can sort out their feelings first.

I found myself falling under the spell of this anime fairly quickly as I watched. While it has little in the way of action and such, it was the characters and fun stories that sucked me into it. Even with it’s slow but steady pace and zany comedy, the show kept me hooked until the end. As always, watching it in high definition is a plus as the animation and artwork come in crisp and detailed. The audio is also well done as the both dubs come in crystal clear and bring the characters to hilarious life. There’s also a few extras to check out after viewing such as episode commentaries on select ones, textless opening and closings, trailers, promotional clips and more.

If you’re looking for a laid-back but fun romance-comedy anime to watch, then Kamisama Kiss: Season Two should be on your radar. Lively characters, zany comedy with a bit of drama and action really help bring this series to life. Add in a few sweet extras, and you have an anime you’ll find yourself praising in your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell