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Justice League vs Teen Titans (Blu-ray)
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Justice League vs Teen Titans (Blu-ray)

It’s Titans vs Justice League as DC’s best finally make their way to the animated market in the DCAU’s latest adventure.

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It looks like DC Comics and Warner Animation isn’t playing around with their animation movie lineup. It’s hard to believe it was just a few months ago when Batman: Bad Blood was released, which directly leads into the release of Justice League vs Teen Titans. It may not be the best entry in the film series, but it’s definitely worth watching thanks to the superpowered action and drama that comic book fans will want to check out.

Featuring the same voice cast from the previous animated Batman films for Batman, Robin and Nightwing, this time things kick off with Damian aka Robin almost messing up a Justice League battle against the Legion of Doom when they attack the Hall of Justice. Robin’s cocky and reckless attitude is seen as a problem by Batman and forces his son to join the Teen Titans that consists of Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Blue Beetle. Of course he doesn’t get along or fit in with the Titans at first, but after some squabbles and time, Damian starts to open up to them as do they with him.

This happens just in time for Raven’s demonic father Trigon (Jon Bernthal of Daredevil and The Walking Dead fame) to show up and do his best to take over the world while also trying to bring Raven over to his side. When Trigon begins possessing members of the Justice League, will the Titans be able to fight them off along with Trigon and his demons to save the world?

It’s not the best entry I’ve seen in the DCAU movie lineup, but I still enjoyed watching this one. Going back to shows such as the original Teen Titans series back in the early 2000’s, you can tell Warner Bros. has been heavily influenced by anime, some of which clearly shows in this movie. There’s a part where the Teen Titans transform into their costumes via a Sailor Moon-like transformation that’s both cool and out-of-place at the same time. There’s also a few suggestive themes with Starfire and her skimpy clothing, as well as a fair share of violence and action that make good use of the PG-13 rating here.

As far as special features go, there’s a few to check out after the dust settles. The biggest one on here without a doubt is a sneak peek of the infamous Batman: The Killing Joke movie that’s based off the popular graphic novel of the same name and reunites Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and the Joker. “Growing Up Titan” looks at how the Teen Titans have grown and changed over the past few decades and how important they are to the DC universe. “Heroes and Villains: Raven” talks about Raven and her importance to the Teen Titans and to DC Comics in general while “Heroes and Villains: Trigon” gives the evil demon his due and how he’s plagued not only the Teen Titans but other DC heroes as well.

While it comes up short compared to the many other DC animated movies out there, Justice League vs Teen Titans is still worth watching for the action and drama it contains. The visuals and audio are great thanks to being on Blu-ray, and the special features round out a fun time any fan of superheroes will want to don their costume for.

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