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The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition (Blu-ray)
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The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition (Blu-ray)

Disney brings back the boogie from the vault with this animated classic.

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You can never go wrong with the Disney classics, especially those that have been celebrated and enjoyed by generations of fans. This goes double for those who love to collect the highest-quality versions available. Right on cue, The Mouse House has released yet another of their classics in high-definition with 1967’s The Jungle Book dancing its way out the Disney vault and getting a proper Blu-ray treatment that’s packed with special features and more in The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition. This is a title that most families and animation fans will definitely find to be a bare necessity for their ever-expanding Blu-ray collections.

For those unfamiliar with the film, its based on the classic story by Rudyard Kipling, centering on a young boy named Mowgli, who was abandoned in the jungle as a baby and raised by wolves. When he finally becomes ten-years old, the friends he has made in the jungle think it’s high time he should seek out the place known as the “man village” where those of his kind dwell. Of course this turns out to be easier said than done, as the ferocious tiger Shere Khan wishes to not only tear Mowgli apart, but those in the village as well. It falls on Bagheera the panther, Colonel Hati the elephant, and the always fun Baloo the bear to help the boy overcome Shere Khan and find his rightful place in the world.

As with all of the Disney classics, I had a ball watching The Jungle Book again, as I had not seen it in quite some time. I had nearly forgotten how fun the movie was, especially with all the catchy songs that are sprinkled throughout the film. Those who watch will find it hard to resist tapping their feet to tunes such as “I Wanna Be Like You” by the crazy King Louie, and the infamous “The Bare Necessities” that Baloo sings while showing Mowgli a thing or two about taking it easy. Experiencing this on Blu-ray just makes things even better, as the video and audio come in perfectly in high definition, and is sure to draw viewers into the movie like never before.

There’s also some pretty groovy special features that is sure to keep viewers busy after the main feature ends. As with some of their other recent Blu-ray releases, when the film is paused, the “Disney Intermissions” will begin to play sing-along versions of the songs from the movie. There’s also “Introductions to the Film” by the late Diane Disney Miller and songwriter Richard Sherman, and an “Alternate Ending” done with storyboards. There’s plenty of other extras included such as interviews with some of those who worked on the film, remixes to the songs and more.

The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition is a “bare necessity” for anyone’s library of movies, as it has a little something for everyone. Packed with plenty of fun songs, comedy, adventure, as well as special features and a wonderful high-definition transfer onto Blu-ray, this is one animated party that’s sure to make most people boogie on down to their local store and pick up a copy for their collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell