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Initial D Legend 3: Dream
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Initial D Legend 3: Dream

Racing action and romance are pushed to the limit in this reboot movie series conclusion.

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Ever since the first entry, I’ve been wanting to know how this short but awesome reboot movie series was going to end. Now we get to see in Initial D Legend 3: Dream, as Takumi puts the pedal to the metal on both his racing legacy and his romantic ties with Natsuki as he heads for the finish line.

The final racing showdown fans have been waiting for is finally here, Takumi versus Ryosuke Takahashi, who just happens to be the undefeated. It goes without saying that both of them and their vehicles will be pushed to their limits as everything and anything goes in this final race. As if that wasn’t enough pressure for Takumi, he also has to make a decision on where he and Natsuki stand as a couple, and will they move forward together or drift apart (pun intended).

For this series to be as short as it is, there’s plenty of exciting racing and drama blending together well here. As with the first two entries, I enjoyed this one especially since everything comes to an end here with nothing held back. It looks and sounds great too thanks to an excellent Blu-ray transfer, and the extras are short and sweet as well featuring a recap of the the previous film and a few more to check out once the finish line has been crossed.

Those who enjoyed the series thus far will want to finish the race in Initial D Legend 3: Dream, as the thrilling racing action and hard-hitting drama come to a powerful close here. It would’ve been nice to have had some other extras added in, but the overall series is more than enough to satisfy fans and newcomers who are looking to rev their engines.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell