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Hinako: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Hinako: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Anime peeping toms can rejoice as all the Hinako you can handle is finally in one collection.

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I remember seeing people talking about and posting images/video clips of an anime OVA called Training with Hinako some years ago, but didn’t think much on it as I thought it was just some silly, fan-made internet thing for all the voyeur-like otakus out there that like watching busty girls do everyday things. Little did I know that there were more OVAs of this young lady, three of them to be exact, and how popular it was on the internet and around the world apparently. Maiden Japan knew about it obviously, and collected all of them on a single Blu-ray disc titled Hinako: Complete Collection, which makes the perfect gift for anytime who enjoys ecchi-themed anime but without going too extreme into the territory.

What little plot we learn about Hinako is that she used to be a real young lady but was somehow magically changed into a well-endowed anime character that breaks the fourth wall constantly by acknowledging you, the viewer. She invites you to join her as she plays stereotypical cute/happy roles in anime, hang with friends, and other activities. Then comes the “fun” stuff as she also invites you to watch her do simple things that end up turning into perverted situations thanks to her wearing little to no clothing as she does them. From watching her exercise only to have her ample bosom and other assets in your face constantly, to watching her and a friend take a bath, to finally living the creepy otaku dream of watching her sleep (I’m not kidding, there’s a 40+ min episode of watching her sleep, complete with her waking up now and then to see if you’re still watching her), anyone who wants to get close and personal with their anime girls has plenty to love here.

I’ll admit, I enjoyed watching Hinako do her thing, but not for the reasons you’d think. If anything, I got a few laughs over how she acts out nearly all the stereotypical anime girl tropes out there and just how crazy these OVAs are with the softcore kinky stuff. I also had fun poking at all of this while watching, as though I were having my own Mystery Science Theater 3000 and would suggest any who watch to do the same, especially with a group of friends that you can make a drinking game out of this easily. With this being a Blu-ray release, the visuals and audio are crisp and detailed, which is a plus given these OVAs are all about “details” if you know what I mean. There’s not much in the way of special features outside a clean closing animation for the end of Sleeping with Hinako, but it’s okay as most who watch are just interested in “watching” Hinako.

If you enjoy poking fun at cute, anime girl tropes, or want to give into creepy otaku desires of watching a young lady do stuff, then the Hinako: Complete Collection Blu-ray will be a nice addition to your anime collection. Some simple but perverted situations, a stereotypical but fun main character, and tons of softcore naughtiness is what you’ll find here in a normal day for Hinako.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell