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To Heart 2: Complete Collection
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To Heart 2: Complete Collection

Fans of the visual novel series will find plenty of anime ladies to love here.

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In Japan, visual novel games seem to make their way into the anime world with some regularity, as with Maiden Japan’s To Heart 2: Complete Collection. With thirteen episodes on two discs, anyone who enjoyed the game this show is based on, or any visual novel titles are sure to get their cute girl kicks from this series.

The story focuses on two friends named Takaaki and Konomi that have been close friends since they were kids. Fast forward to them beginning high school and how they’re starting to see each other as a young man and woman instead of just friends. To make things more complicated, it seems all sorts of ladies are constantly trying to be with Takaaki and getting in the way of Konomi, from a pair of twins that both have their eye on Takaaki, to a girl that thinks she’s from outer space. Much like the visual novel game it’s based on, Takaaki will have to meet and get to know these ladies and their crazy quirks, and find out if one of them or Konomi is the one he’ll be with.

Once you watch To Heart 2, it’s easy to see it was based off a visual novel, as each episode focuses on a different lady that’s taken an interest in Takaaki or one he happens to come across. While you would most likely have more fun playing the game and making your own choices, the anime does a pretty good job recreating the visual novel look and making the viewer feel like they’re a part of it. Since this is on Blu-ray, the visuals and animation are on point, as well as the original Japanese audio that brings every character to charming life as you watch. While there aren’t any special features, the characters and episodes are a special enough treat for those who watch.

If enjoy visual novels and cute anime girls, you’ll want to add To Heart 2: Complete Collection to your viewing list. It does a good job recreating the look and feel of the genre it’s based on, while also having some fun with its characters that’s sure to find a way into your heart.

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