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Hataraki Man: Complete Collection
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Hataraki Man: Complete Collection

Mixes fun and drama for an anime series that works hard to entertain.

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Ever wanted to see a good anime series tackle how difficult it can be for a woman to make a living in mostly male dominated careers, like say a Japanese magazine company? Well Maiden Japan’s Hataraki Man: Complete Collection is that series. It has a cool cast of characters that find themselves in sometimes funny and serious situations that’s all fit to print.

Taking place in a Japanese publishing industry where only one manager out of ten is female, Hiroko Matsukata works hard to break through to the top of the popular magazine, Jidai Weekly. She’s doing pretty good seeing that she’s 28 and already a top editor there, but it takes a toll on her daily life as she’s constantly working and doing her best to suppress the fact she’s a woman to the rest of the male workers who are too busy to take notice.

She blends in so well, they dub her Hataraki Man that translates into “Working Man”. But like any young woman, she does like to go on dates, shop, and such. This turns out to be a bit of a hassle as she has an on and off boyfriend at the job that’s just as busy if not more so than her, and having to deal with problems such as exposing political corruption and the backlash that comes with it. Whatever happens, you can bet you’ll never find a dull moment in this show.

I had a good time with this series thanks to them taking the time to show off the ups and downs that comes with a woman trying to make it in places where men mainly run things, or just anyone busting their butt at a fast-paced job. It was rough watching Hiroko push herself through the grind, not being able to be with someone as she’s always working into the night, and how it begins to take a toll on her sanity as she begins to question herself and if this is all worth it.

Everything looks and sounds good thanks to a Blu-ray release. I was surprised to find out there wasn’t any special features included, but the series itself is so well done, you’ll easily forgive the lack of extras and just be happy you watched something awesome. If you enjoy fun dramas and want to see what it’s like working hard just to stay afloat, the Hataraki Man: Complete Collection is one anime that’s worth the grind.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell