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Haikyu: Season Two Complete Collection
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Haikyu: Season Two Complete Collection

The stakes and spikes are higher in this second serve of the hit series.

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As I mentioned in my review of the previous season, I do enjoy a good sport anime series when they come along. I would’ve never guessed that Haikyu would go on to become as popular as it is, but I’m so glad to not be alone in thinking so. Now Hinata and his friends are back to serve up another spike of humor, a drive to win, and more with the Haikyu: Season Two Complete Collection. Everything is turned up a notch this time around as this anime just continues to get better as it soars to the top.

Picking up after the rough events of the previous season, Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama continue to become closer friends and rivals as both vow to grow stronger and win at any volleyball challenge that comes their way. They’ll also have to overcome other obstacles that might just be their biggest yet….school exams. As they strive to cram in their studies so they can attend a super training camp in Tokyo alongside some of the other top teams, there are other troubles in the background such as a new team manager possibly joining Kiyoko to lead the guys, and of course their rival teams keeping a close eye on what they’re up to. But with these guys, no challenge is too tough as they continue to spike and serve whatever stands in their way.

I think I enjoyed this season a little more than the first, as this has a lot more packed into it as any good follow up series should. It’s always fun to watch Hinata and his teammates switch between joking around and being dead serious as they go through life and give it their all when it comes to volleyball training and their matches. As with the previous season set, the visuals and audio are spot as high definition detail shines through on both.

If you enjoyed the first season, then picking up the ball with the Haikyu: Season Two Complete Collection is a given. Fun characters that you’ll want to see fight their way to greatness will pull you in and keep you there. So spike yourself to a seat and let this series serve up some intense slice-of-life moments and volleyball action.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell