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Haikyu!! Season Three: Complete Collection
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Haikyu!! Season Three: Complete Collection

The anime volleyball action returns in one of the strongest seasons yet.

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I have a cousin that plays volleyball and loves anime, so it was only natural we’d get to watch this awesome series that combines the action and drama of anime with those of the sport. Thankfully the hit series is back again in the Haikyu!! Season Three: Complete Collection set. Fans won’t be disappointed and will find it to be one of the best and most intense seasons of the show yet.

Picking things up from last season, the High School National Volleyball Championship continues as our heroes from the Karasuno team get set to go up against the undefeated champions, Shiratorizawa Academy High School. Hinata and the gang have never taken on a team this powerful, and it’s going to take everything they have and more to defeat them and become champions.

Naturally this will be even more difficult thanks to the infamous Wakatoshi Ushijima being on the opposing team that decimates players with his killer spike. Hinata and his team will have to work on different styles of playing in order to overcome this powerful move, or risk losing everything they’ve fought so hard for.

If you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, this season is the most intense yet. As always, it was awesome seeing Hinata and his friends work hard to overcome difficulties that get in their way while also having some comedic antics thrown in the mix for good measure. It’s good to know that series like this still come around as I love watching a team come together and giving it their all to win despite the differences they all have.

Everything looks and sounds awesome thanks to a Blu-ray release, as the high-definition visuals and audio make sure every intense match is seen and heard perfectly. There’s not much in the way of special features outside of the usual clean opening and closing scenes and some original Japanese promotional videos, but fans are sure to have a good time looking through them.

Haikyu!! Season Three: Complete Collection is likely the most intense season of the series yet as Hinata and company really have to give it their all and then some if they want to overcome their greatest challenge yet. Everything looks and sounds good on this release as the action and drama come to life perfectly as the fun humor comes into play just enough to serve up one of the best anime series out there right now.

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