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Haikyu: Season One Complete Collection
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Haikyu: Season One Complete Collection

Another great entry in sports anime that will have viewers cheering for more.

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I would’ve never thought watching anime shows about sports would be cool, but ever since I’ve seen a few back in the late 90’s, I find them to be among some of my favorite anime genres. One of Sentai Filmworks latest releases is yet another fun entry in the mix with the Haikyu: Season One Complete Collection on Blu-ray. Thanks to a great cast of characters, an interesting story, and of course intense sports matches, this is a great anime to catch for sports and non-sports fans alike.

The plot follows Junior high school student Shoyo Hinata and his love of volleyball after seeing a national championship match on TV one day. After seeing just how intense and thrilling the sport can be, he decides to become the best volleyball player there is, despite his small stature. He eventually makes it on the school team to play, and even makes it to the first tournament game, but is quickly defeated by the opposing team led by Tobio Kageyama who is dubbed “King of the Court” with Shoyo vowing to beat him one day. Now some years later in high school, Shoyo is on the school volleyball team and ready to be the best, until he learns Tobio is also on his team. So you can already guess it doesn’t work out well between them at first, but they’ll have to learn to get over themselves and work together with their teammates to win, or fall to the wayside.

As with most sports-themed anime I’ve seen, I had a ball (pun intended) watching Haikyu, as Shoyo and Tobio start off as hot-headed rivals who learn they’re not so different from each other. There’s also some funny and touching moments throughout the series and the two and their friends/teammates fight their way to the top of the volleyball charts, as good and bad times plague them and the team. The biggest draw of the show are the intense volleyball matches that occur, and will have viewers sweating and into the games as much as the players are. Thanks to being released on Blu-ray, the high definition picture and sound make these matches even more amazing to behold, and the special features are light with clean opening and closing animations, but the twenty-five episodes here are what will keep viewers coming back to this set.

Those who love sports anime like I do will want to make sure to serve up Haikyu: Season One Complete Collection at their next TV viewing. A cool cast of characters led by two wild ones, and plenty of funny and touching moments along with exciting volleyball matches are sure to keep your heart rate spiking along with the players.

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