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Grimoire of Zero: Complete Collection
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Grimoire of Zero: Complete Collection

Wacky humor and loads of fantasy action drives this short but fun series.

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Anyone close to me knows I love animals, especially when anthropomorphic ones are involved. So I immediately took a shine to Sentai Filmworks release of Grimoire of Zero: Complete Collection when I learned the main character was a tiger guy trying to become human. Mix in some humor, romance, and loads of swords and sorcery action, and you’ve got an awesome anime to watch.

This series follows the life and trying times of the half-tiger known as Mercenary who doesn’t care for witches as they’re the ones who created the half-animal people like himself known as the beastfallen. So he’s always on the lookout for quests where he can hunt down any witches he can get his claws on. Just like most anime out there, things take a strange turn when he’s rescued by a witch named Zero who needs his help as her bodyguard while she looks for her missing book called the Grimoire of Zero.

Of course if the book falls in the wrong hands, it could spell doom for all, but it also contains the power to possibly make Mercenary human. Things get even more weird and funny when Zero admits to liking her men big and furry, much to Mercenary’s dismay, as the two share a funny but uneasy bond as they search for the book and fight off all sorts of enemies in their way.

While most anime viewers will find this series cliched and by the numbers, I still had a great time watching it play out. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen one like this in awhile, but I enjoyed the wacky relationship Mercenary and Zero have going on, and the action is pretty well done too. It was also cool watching this in high definition on Blu-ray, as every visual and audio detail comes to life perfectly. The extras are a bit on the light side with some opening/closing animations and a few Japanese promo videos.

If you enjoy magic, swords, and anthropomorphic characters in your anime, you’ll want to get your claws on a copy of Grimoire of Zero: Complete Collection. It has just the right mix of comedy, romance, and action that blends together really well, and fun characters you’ll find yourself rooting for as you watch.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell