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Focuses on humanity and its downfall in one of the best disaster films out there.

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I’ve always loved the tagline for The Walking Dead TV series “Fight the dead, fear the living.” That has always fascinated me about apocalyptic shows and movies as you don’t know what’s scarier, the event, monsters, and such, or the remains of humanity doing anything and everything they want to survive. Greenland is a film that takes this concept and enhances it to make one of the most human and heartfelt disaster films to date.

Fellow film reviewer Christian Stirling enjoyed the movie as well, and you can head over to his review for the plot details and more as I go into my review on the film and the home release extras. From start to finish, I highly enjoyed this movie is it was nice to watch something different in a disaster piece besides overused CG effects of cities getting blown up every few minutes.

Instead we’re treated to a typical family doing their best to survive when the world is thrown into chaos. Of course there’s the usual family tropes such as the husband and wife having a shaky marriage, their kid who has a medical condition, and such, but that along with all of the things they suffer through as they try to get to safety gives the film the much needed substance viewers crave.

I couldn’t help but relate to some of the things they encounter and I’m sure most viewers will too. From meeting nice people to others that slowly but surely go off the deep end, many of the crazy moments they find themselves in are highly plausible and believable. And just because the film doesn’t focus on special effects doesn’t mean there isn’t any, but they’re used sparingly and very well to make each appearance a treat when they occur.

They also look and sound great thanks to a Blu-ray release that makes sure the visuals and audio come together nicely in high-definition which will have you running for shelter one moment and breaking out some tissues for the emotions in the next. There’s also a few special features to go through after the credits have rolled, starting with three deleted scenes with director Ric Roman Waugh introducing them.

The best deleted part of the bunch was the alternate ending that’s a little happier and hopeful than the final cut one. There’s also audio commentary with Waugh and producer Basil Iwanyk as the two discuss some of the production of the film and how it compares to the ongoing pandemic we’re going through now. Lastly there’s an extra called “Humanity” that features actors Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin sharing their thoughts on the movie, its message, and more.

If you enjoy disaster films but want more than just video game cutscene-like CG effects every few minutes, then be sure to pick up Greenland for your movie collection. The great and believable acting and storytelling will pull you in and keep you there, while the special effects serve as a bonus treat to an already amazing film you’ll want to watch with friends and family as a reminder of how precious life is.

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