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Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition
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Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition

This 4K remaster is slicker than greased lightning as it spreads the word to new and old fans.

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Grease was one of the films that I never got to watch until a friend let me borrow it back in the early 2000’s. It was also one of those films I wasn’t sure I was going to care for, as I’m not the biggest musical fan out there, but there are a few that are special to me. I’m happy to say this film won me over with its awesome songs, cool soundtrack, and even cooler dance moves that remain stuck in my head to this day. So of course I had to check out the Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition 4K UHD Blu-ray when I heard it was coming. This epic has never looked or sounded better thanks to everything being remastered, from the picture to the audio that still continues to show that Grease is the word.

Based on the hit Broadway musical, director Randal Kleiser brought Grease to life back in 1978 with stars Olivia-Newton John and John Travolta as star-crossed lovers Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko who run into each other and fall in love during summer vacation. All seems to be going great for the two until they go back to school and everything changes as we learn they’re from two different worlds as Sandy is the kind, smart girl there, while Danny lives the macho life as the leader of the T-Birds gang that’s all about hot rods and fighting off rival gangs. Since the two are so different, Danny decides to act like he’s done with Sandy in order to save face, which in turn hurts her feelings and leads her to tough gal Betty Rizzo (Stockard Channing) and her Pink Ladies group who help Sandy ditch her sweet girl self and become one of them which might be what she needs for her and Danny to be together.

To say anymore would ruin a great musical that you just need to see for yourself. It’s full of fun surprises and great musical numbers filled with awesome dance choreography (Greased Lightning and Born to Hand Jive come to mind…) that anyone and everyone will enjoy as you watch this crazy love story play out. Thanks to a new 4K scan of the original negative of the movie with an extensive restoration process supervised by Kleiser himself, this experience has never looked better, especially with the new HDR color added. The visuals and colors pop off the screen and make the film look like an all-new one, which in a way it is as the audio has also been remastered in a 5.1 Dolby TrueHD mix that’s enhanced from the original audio tracks that brings the music to life like never before.

There’s also a nice amount for special features to go through, starting with the audio commentary by director Randal Kleiser and choreographer Patricia Birch that discuss the making of the film, the cool musical numbers and dance moves in the movie. There’s also plenty more features both new and old that go behind the making of the film like “Grease: A Chicago Story”, and there’s some alternate animated main titles and an alternate ending, a sing-a-long and more.

Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition takes one of the greatest musicals of all-time and makes it that much better with a beautiful remaster that looks and sounds as perfect as it can get. There’s also plenty of special features both old and new to keep you rocking and rolling long after the credits, and make this release the one that you want for your film library.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell