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Gonna be the Twin-Tail: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Gonna be the Twin-Tail: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Some nice action with a funny spin on the magical girl genre make this anime one to watch.

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I don’t watch a lot of magical girl themed anime, but when I do they usually turn out pretty well. It’s good to see Japan having some fun with this popular genre in one of the latest anime shows Funimation has released with the Gonna be the Twin-Tail: The Complete Series Blu-ray set. With twelve action-packed episodes on two discs, this is one collection you’ll want to check out for some good old fashioned anime quirkiness.

The story follows high schooler Soji Mitsuka. Like most young men, he has a obsession with ladies, ones with pigtails to more specific. So what happens when a young lady from another world needs his help to fight off monsters with weird, perverted anime fetishes? He gains the ability to transform into a pigtailed superhero girl of course. With the help of the mystery woman and his childhood friend Aika Tsube, he forms a team to take down these monsters once and for all. As his team becomes more powerful and popular though, more people get pigtails hoping to be like them and the monsters begin to feed off the energy and excitement of it. Any anime fan knows after this point that it’s going to take some bigger pigtails and plenty of panty shots to save the day and get rid of these monsters for good.

This anime series was so crazy to watch. It’s one of those shows that doesn’t take itself seriously and just has fun working with the insane plot premise and characters it has. I had forgotten just how nuts anime can get when it wants to, and it’s always good to get a funny reminder from a show such as this one from time to time. Watching it unfold in high definition just made it even better, as the visuals and audio come through without a hitch. There’s also some cool extras such as episode commentaries on various ones, textless opening and closing songs, and some trailers to look at after ladies let their hair down.

If you’re looking for a crazy, insane good time with some anime, you can’t beat Gonna be the Twin-Tail: The Complete Series. Placing a fun spin on the magical girl genre and having even more fun with its nutty plot and characters just serves to enhance the craziness even further. Add in some nice extras, and you’ll want place these pigtails in your anime collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell