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Golden Job
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Golden Job

An action-packed film with nice amounts of brotherly drama to spare.

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I really enjoy taking a look at some of the newer Chinese action films out there, as it’s awesome to see what new talent is rising to the top. From Wu Jing’s Wolf Warrior film series, to others such as Chin Kar Lok’s Golden Job, you never know what’s coming except an action-packed good time. It comes as no surprise that this one delivers, as it contains more than enough thrills and brotherly love drama for a golden Hong Kong hit.

Coming off as a Ocean’s Eleven meets Mission:Impossible type of deal, Kar Lok directs and stars in the film as an orphan who grew up with four others as brothers and eventually become a powerful mercenary group who use their talents for good. They come together for one last job to help out a doctor that’s taking care of sick children in Africa with limited supplies, which leads them to rob a medicine truck to get her what she needs. Turns out the truck is carrying a ton of gold instead that belongs to a powerful gangster that will do anything to get it back. Without giving too much away, someone within their ranks is working with the gangster to add to their problems, and they relocate to Japan to plan to some payback while also trying to get the doctor the medicine she desperately needs.

It’s hard to talk about the story without spoiling a lot of the emotional feels you’ll get from it, so I had to leave some of the finer details out. But you can bet there’s plenty of action and feels between the brothers as they fight off enemies, bicker among themselves, but always come back together to kick butt and take names. Kar Lok did a great job bringing all of this together, as it easily could’ve been a mess. There is an occasional mishap here and there with so-so CGI thrown into the mix, and having multiple languages floating around with one person speaking Chinese and another Japanese or English, but everything else is on point.

Seeing that this was released last year, everything looks and sounds great on Blu-ray, as there’s more than enough gunfire and explosions to keep your subwoofer happy. There’s also a nice amount of special features included such as behind the scenes footage, some featurettes that focus on the many shooting locations in China and Japan, as well as the awesome chemistry between the actors and the brotherhood they share on and off the set, some music videos, and more.

Golden Job is one of the best Chinese action films I’ve seen in awhile, as it has the perfect blend of thrills and drama that’ll keep you glued to the TV until the credits roll. All the details come through nicely in high-definition, and the cool special features included make this a golden treat for all.

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