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Godzilla: King of the Monsters
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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

You’ll be running from the bad acting instead of the monsters in this action-packed ride.

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I saw Godzilla: King of the Monsters at the movies and enjoyed it for the most part, but the human characters left a lot to be desired and even had me slightly dozing off whenever they were on screen. Now the monsters have come home in 4K HDR glory that will have fans cheering at the monster action and fleeing from the shoddy characters and sluggish pacing.

Both Christian and Travis saw this at the theater as well, and you can check out their reviews as they tell you the good and the bad points of the film. I’m inclined to agree with both of them, as I loved the monsters and the action they bring, but the rest of the film is a hot mess of annoying humans and spotty acting followed by so-so pacing on top of that.

This is one of those films much like Freddy vs Jason where you wish only the titular characters where in the movie and no one else. Maybe one day we’ll get a super cut where only the monsters are in it, which anyone and everyone will love at that point. But until then, you’ll have to slog through some sluggish filler in between the awesome beasts and their battles.

The 4K HDR and Dolby HD audio really brings the action home, as everything looks and sounds amazing. Sweet details such as scars and scales on the monsters, and the thunderous booms of their footsteps and attacks will have you ducking for cover. There’s also a few special features to go over once the credits roll (be sure to stick around after them for a nice surprise).

There’s an audio commentary track with director Michael Dougherty, writer Zach Shields, and actor O’Shea Jackson Jr. (son of rapper/actor Ice Cube) where they talk about the story, the film’s production and more. “Monsters 101” is a collection of small featurettes that go into the monsters featured in the movie, what went into evolving them for today’s times, and more. I also like how they show some behind the scenes footage of the motion capture people that brought the creatures to frightening life.

“Monsters Are Real” has various authors and historians discussing the monsters and how they represent primal fears people have had throughout human history, and there’s some deleted scenes that add some backstory to the main family and the loss of their son, and some others that don’t really add nor take away from the overall plot.

I really wanted to give Godzilla: King of the Monsters a higher rating, but the human characters really drag things down between the epic battles the monsters have. But throw in the amazing 4K HDR, Dolby HD audio, and some decent extras, and you have just enough to crown this king of the giant monster films. Soon we’ll see Godzilla take on Kong next year, and I for one can’t wait.

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