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Girls’ Last Tour: Complete Collection
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Girls’ Last Tour: Complete Collection

A dark but touching series that takes the slice-of-life genre to different places.

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Like most anime fans, I’m a sucker for cute looking characters having not-so-cute adventures, much like another show I reviewed called Made in Abyss. Sentai Filmworks strikes gold yet again with Girls’ Last Tour: Complete Collection, which features two cute girls trying to make it through tough times in this must-watch series.

Chito and Yuuri are two girls trying to survive in the world…a dark, post-apocalyptic one at that. Despite everything being doom and gloom around them thanks to countless wars destroying the planet, they manage to keep pushing forward and not lose hope. Along their travels they run into one adventure after another, from meeting other rare survivors, to escaping deadly creatures, to finding some beautiful places still left behind from the war. But as long as these girls depend on each other, they just might make it through this scary yet sometimes wonderful world.

I already knew I was going to love this show as soon as I saw the boxart and read the description. It’s a near flawless anime gem that just about anyone can watch and get into easily, as you’ll enjoy watching these cute-as-a-button girls do their best to find food and shelter while riding around on their old tank-like motorcycle and getting into misadventures. Everything about this release is spot on, from the high definition visuals and animation, to the both the English and Japanese audio fitting the characters nicely.

There’s also a few special features such as clean opening and closings, and a few others that’s a nice treat after the credits roll. I would say more, but if you enjoy anime, you owe it to yourself to hop on board with these ladies in the Girls’ Last Tour: Complete Collection Blu-ray. This is one journey you won’t soon forget.

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