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Girlish Number: Complete Collection
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Girlish Number: Complete Collection

A funny and often times wacky anime series that aspiring voice actors will surely relate to.

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If you’re a big anime fan like myself, you’ll often find yourself looking into and wondering about the voice talent that goes into making your favorite shows and characters come alive. After seeing so many kinds of anime shows, it’s funny and refreshing to see one come along that pokes at this subject in Sentai Filmworks’ Girlish Number: Complete Collection. Those looking into voice acting, have made their way there, or have experienced what goes into it will surely relate and get their laughs from this show.

Our young heroine Chitose Karasuma is looking to make it big in the voice acting world as she seems to have it all with her cute looks and voice. But like most people in the entertainment business, she also has her fair share of self-induced problems including being stuck on herself, scatterbrained, lazy and extremely selfish. Her older brother serves as her manager and does his best to get her good roles, but none of these are big enough to shoot her into the limelight where she longs to be. Life always has a way of taking down hotshots a few notches, as Chitose finally lands with a huge production company, but they’re just as lazy and jacked up as she is. Now she gets to learn how it feels to work with someone like herself as one mishap and production disaster after another plagues her and company, which makes for some fun laughs and reflections for viewers.

I had a blast with this one as it was both funny and sad at times watching Chitose struggle through not only her problems, but those around her as well. It’s also pretty hilarious how this anime pokes at the industry with slave-like labor and other dark things happening behind the scenes that’s sure to keep your sides hurting from laughing so much. As with all of the other Sentai releases, I’m so glad this was released on Blu-ray as everything looks and sounds great. The special features are on the light side with clean opening and closing animations and an Inside Show preview.

Girlish Number: Complete Collection offers a rarely seen but hilarious look at what sometimes goes into the voice acting world, especially when karma catches up to you if you’re mean and selfish. Anyone looking into the field or just for some laughs will want to pick this show up as it most certainly has your number.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell