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The Girl Who Lept Through Time (Blu-ray)
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The Girl Who Lept Through Time (Blu-ray)

A charming anime tale that mixes sci-fi and slice-of-life genres really well.

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I remember hearing about the anime film The Girl Who Lept Through Time quite some time ago, but I never had the chance to check it out and see why people talked about it so much. So here I am nearly a decade later with a review copy from our friends at Funimation, and I finally see why most consider this a new classic for anime fans and those who enjoy a good slice-of-life drama.

The plot follows a tomboyish young lady named Makoto Konno, who is always doing just enough to get by. However on this day, she really starts to slack as she wakes up late for school, starts an accidental fire in her home economics class, and doesn’t do too well in her studies. Just when the day couldn’t get any worse, she nearly gets ran over by a train while biking her way home. Just before she gets hit, she leaps backwards through time and stops it from happening in the first place. Being freaked out about it at first, she soon comes to embrace this ability to travel through time and sets out to fix past mistakes in her life to make things better. What she doesn’t realize is that her meddling with time has serious consequences not only for her, but the people she knows as well. So it’s up to her to somehow travel through time and correct these instances before things are permanently messed up.

I liked how despite this film having the sci-fi element of time-traveling, the main focus is really on Makoto and the people around her being affected by her actions. It also helps that her along with the other characters are well written and believable, adding a special charm to both the story and the movie as a whole. Being a Blu-ray release, the artwork and animation is clean, crisp and fluid. The audio comes in nicely as well, as the dialogue and music pull you into the story and doesn’t let go until the very end. As far as extras go, there’s feature length audio commentary, some behind the scenes storyboards, and some trailers to check out after the time traveling ends.

I enjoyed The Girl Who Lept Through Time, as the balance between science fiction, comedy and drama are spot on. It was fun watching Makoto getting into trouble and doing her best to fix things with both funny and serious consequences from them. If you love anime films and just looking for something different, you’ll want to make the time to let this Blu-ray leap into your collections.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell