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Get Out (Blu-ray)
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Get Out (Blu-ray)

A psychological thriller mixed with just enough satire to make one of the most enjoyable films out there.

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If you’ve been following me and my reviews on here, you’ll know I’m one of the biggest fans of Key and Peele out there, as I loved them since their MADtv days. I would’ve never guessed after their hit comedy series that Jordan Peele would go off in a completely different direction to make a highly entertaining and engrossing thriller. The film that has taken the country and box office by storm (and his directorial debut at that) is finally on home video with the Get Out Blu-ray. Mixed with just the right amount of psychological terror, comedy, and satire, it’s easily one of the most fun and thoughtful movies you’ll see.

I’m not the only Chris here to have seen this film, as fellow editor Chris Pandolfi has all the plot details and more in his review of the theatrical viewing. I have to say our reviews are pretty much in alignment, as I too enjoyed this awesome mix of psychological horror and satire that makes for one of this year’s best and enjoyable movies. I always knew Jordan Peele was a comedic genius, but I would’ve never guessed he would be able to mix thrills and satirical race relations together so well here. It kind of makes this movie difficult to explain, but it comes off as a twisted, dark comedy of sorts that’s right up there with other legends of the genre such as Wes Craven and John Carpenter.

Viewing this on Blu-ray was also a huge plus, as every high definition visual and audio detail comes through nicely. There’s also some pretty cool special features included, kicking off with audio commentary by writer/director Jordan Peele. Here he goes into how he came up with ideas for the film, casting the characters, and the political and social phobias he placed in the movie. “Alternate Ending” has a fun alternate take on the ending, but it’s not as great as the one used in the final cut. Still, it was nice to see how it could’ve ended. “Unveiling the Horror of Get Out” gives a behind the scenes look at the film that features on-set footage, interviews with the cast and crew, and more. “Q&A Discussion with Jordan Peele and the Cast” has Peele and some of the cast in a theater answering questions about the movie. I thought this was a great segment, but it could’ve been a bit longer than five minutes. Lastly there’s “Deleted Scenes” that show off extended and deleted scenes, as well as some alternate takes from the film.

If you’re looking for a fun but twisted film to watch, you can’t go wrong with Get Out. It’s one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in a long time, and it blends horror elements with political and racial satire into a unique mix. Throw in some informative and awesome special features, and you have a Blu-ray you’ll want to get out the house and pick up.

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