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Gate: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Gate: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Sentai Filmworks opens a gateway to excitement in this latest release.

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I’ve missed reviewing a good anime series, so it’s good to jump back into the swing of things with one of Sentai Filmworks latest releases, Gate: Complete Collection. If you’re looking for an action packed anime ride that mixes the past with the present along with other cool fantasy elements, you’ll want to step through this gate that leads to adventure.

Some time in the near future, a giant gate-like portal appears and opens in Ginza, Tokyo where freaky monsters, medieval knights, and other beings hop through and destroy nearly everything they come across. A few months after this terrible incident, and after establishing a base on the other side of the gate, a soldier with the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Forces) named Yoji Itami gets to lead a recon team into this new, medieval-fantasy world where dragons, elves, magic and such are real. This comes as a delight to Yoji, who is also a huge otaku and is digging this new place. But there are both dangers and cool things to come across in this place, as Yoji and his team find out when they save a young elf woman from a rampaging dragon, and that’s just the start of the many adventures they’ll have trying to keep the peace between our world and this new one.

I really enjoyed watching Gate, thanks to the nice mix of past and present with magic and other fantasy elements thrown in. While I’ve read some feel differently, I felt as though the series grabs you and doesn’t let go until the end, as you’re always interested in what Yoji and his group of friends are going to encounter next. This along with the drama and political intrigue of keeping the peace between the worlds keeps things exciting along with the battles the gang find themselves in from time to time. Watching any anime in high definition is always a welcomed plus, and this one is no different. The visuals and artwork (though a bit odd looking) come in clean and clear, as the audio is crisp and great with both English dub or the original Japanese audio to choose from.

Extras are few and nice in the form of clean opening/closing credits, some promos and a cool comic to check out. If you’re looking for a good anime series to watch, and love fantasy elements, comedy and action, you’ll want to take a look at Gate: Complete Collection. It has everything needed to keep you watching, especially with its intrigue and fun times that’ll have you going through this gateway to adventure in no time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell