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Garo The Animation: Season One Part Two (Blu-ray)
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Garo The Animation: Season One Part Two (Blu-ray)

Season one comes to a fitting end in this dark, action-packed series.

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The first season of the Garo The Animation was one of the better anime releases I’ve seen this year so far and left me excited for the rest of the season. It’s finally here in Garo The Animation: Season One Part Two, which contains the final thirteen episodes of the season that showcase some of the best drama and action in the series, and anime in general.

After the tragic events in the previous season, Leon is at a lost as to what to do next, thanks to losing not only his allies, but his awesome golden armor as well. On the other side of things, Prince Alfonso is busy keeping the peace with ruling the kingdom and fighting off evil from within the walls and outside of them. As fate would have it, both Leon and Alfonso will have to team up yet again to fulfill their destinies, but will they be able to sit aside their past differences in order to do?

Watching these last episodes was great, as they just seem to speed by thanks to the nice mix of drama and action with a sprinkle of comedy here and there. The Spanish Inquisition feel along with the CG animation of the armor suits makes for a different but welcomed change of pace for the show and for anime. While it’s a bit cliche, I did enjoy seeing how Leon had to fight through his slump of not having his friends and special abilities as well as how he recovers them and then some. Experiencing this in high definition is even better, as the artwork, animation and audio come through nicely on Blu-ray.

After the battle has been won, there’s a couple of special features you can go though, such as audio commentary on two episodes, a nifty special episode titled “DAYBREAK” that features interviews with the cast and how they went about bringing the characters to life along with discussing their takes on the series. There’s also a textless intro and outro, and some promotional trailers round out the extras.

Garo The Animation: Season One Part Two is a nice conclusion to the series and will leave fans of anime and the show ready for more (which I hope the second season and film comes our way soon). Great characters, a dark story you’ll want to see through to the end, and awesome artwork and animation make this a collection you’ll want to armor up and fight to pick up.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell