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Garo The Animation: Season One Part One (Blu-ray)
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Garo The Animation: Season One Part One (Blu-ray)

Animation and CG come together pretty well in this dark but exciting series from Funimation.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a dark but thrilling anime series about revenge. So I was more than excited when I learned that Funimation’s Garo The Animation: Season One Part One Blu-ray set was just that. Featuring twelve episodes on two discs along with a few fun extras, this collection is just the thing anime fans will love while pulling in some new fans of the genre.

Taking place during a time resembling the 14th century, our hero Leon Luis has had a rough life. His mother died giving birth to him as she was being burned at the stake, and his father being a Makai Knight that serves the kingdom could do nothing but rescue and train him in order to someday get revenge on those who had his mother killed. If that wasn’t enough, the king’s advisor has the young prince Alfonso and his mother the queen thrown out of the kingdom, leading the prince to seek out Leon for his help in retaking his rightful place on the throne. Throw in the kingdom and people being under attack by demons and monsters, and Leon being able to summon a powerful suit of armor to fight with, and you have a sweet action/revenge anime that’s well worth your time.

Being a fan of action anime such as Guyver and Gun Sword, I was immediately hooked when I watched this series. While some may not like the CG mixed in with the animation, which reminded me heavily of Manga Entertainment’s Karas, I had no problems with it. The high definition release of this title helps make the animation and artwork stand out, while the audio comes through equally amazing. When you’re done watching, there are a few extras you can check out such as episode audio commentaries on a few select ones, textless opening and closing, the U.S. Trailer, promotional trailers and more.

Those looking for a dark but exciting tale of revenge and action that only anime could pull off will want to check out the Garo The Animation: Season One Part One Blu-ray set. The mix of animation and CG might throw off some, but those who stick by the series will be treated to one of the finest releases Funimation has put out yet, and will leave you eagerly anticipating season one part two.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell