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The Fruit of Grisaia: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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The Fruit of Grisaia: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Fans of the visual novel game series and cute anime girls will enjoy this adaptation.

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I’ve played a few visual novel games back in the day, but haven’t touched any of the newer ones that have come along. Perhaps I’ll have to get back into them, especially after watching one of Sentai Filmworks latest releases, The Fruit of Grisaia: Complete Collection that’s based on a popular visual novel title. With thirteen episodes on two discs, this is one wild anime ride where the girls are cute but not everyone is quite what they seem to be.

Our main character named Yuji has just been transferred to a new school that already seems weird when he gets there, as there’s only five other students besides him and they’re all girls. There’s overly cute and shy Sachi that dresses like a maid, Michiru who loves playing the hard-to-get type that starts out mean but is actually kind, Makina that treats Yuji like a brother, the quiet girl Yumiko who comes from a rich family, and Amane who is the oldest and acts like a big sister/mother to the girls. Of course it’s only a matter of time before they all fall for Yuji as he gets to know them, but little do they know that he’s a hitman on a mission to take out one of them, as everyone is not what they seem in this series.

Watching the series and mystery unfold was pretty entertaining, as the episodes do play out like a visual novel of sorts. Each girl has their own story arc as Yuki attempts to feel them out, but some may feel the characters and arcs feel a bit rushed due to only having thirteen episodes to play around with. There’s also plenty of fanservice strewn about, so get ready to see panty shots a plenty and girls in kinky situations as you watch.

Sentai Filmworks has done a great job with the high definition transfer, as the artwork, anime and Japanese audio come through nicely on Blu-ray. The extras are a bit on the light side, as there’s only clean opening and closing segments along with some trailers for Sentai’s other releases. Still, the episodes and misadventures they contain will be more than enough for those who give this a chance.

Anyone who’s a fan of the visual novels this is based on, or cute anime girls will want to give The Fruit of Grisaia: Complete Collection a look. A small, but interesting cast of characters and plenty of intrigue are sure to make viewers tune in for the girls but stay for the mystery and its conclusion.

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