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Frozen 2
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Frozen 2

A great sequel to the popular original that families will never want to let go.

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It doesn’t feel like it’s been seven years since the original Frozen film was released, but it has been and it’s long overdue for a sequel that brings us to the appropriately titled Frozen 2. If you and your family enjoyed the first movie and/or you love family films, you won’t want to let go of this amazing second entry.

Annette Palmer had a snow-filled blast with this movie as it played in theaters, and you can check out her review for all of the cool plot information, her take on it and more as I jump into my thoughts on it and the special features included in the home release. Much like Annette, I had a good time with this film as did some of my younger and older family members that joined in viewing.

It was fun seeing all of our old friends return for another adventure, especially since this one is a lot bigger and darker than the one from the previous film. So you might want to let the little ones know there’s some bumpy roads ahead once this ride takes off, but it’s nothing they can’t handle if they’ve seen any of Pixar’s amazingly dark moments in their titles.

I was sent the 4K HDR Blu-ray for review and you can already imagine how awesome the visuals and audio is on this version. The ultra high-definition picture with HDR color makes sure every crisp detail is seen and that every color pops off the screen. Then there’s the equally amazing Dolby audio that captures every bit of dialogue as well as the all-new songs that will give viewers the feels and chills as the adventure unfolds.

If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s a ton of special features on the extras disc to pop in and check out once the snow blows over. There’s some outtakes that were intentionally made, much like those found at the end of the Pixar movies. Of course this doesn’t make them any less funny and are always a joy to watch. “Did You Know?” is a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and some of the things that went into breathing life into it, “The Spirits of Frozen 2” is a short but cool piece that goes into the spirits featured in the movie.

There’s also some deleted songs and scenes that directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee go into which make watching them all the better as they explain why they were cut from the final version of the movie and what they were trying to do when they made them. Of course any music-filled Disney film would be incomplete without a music selection extra that lets you choose any songs from the movie, there’s also some music videos for “Into the Unknown” being covered by Panic! at the Disco and “Lost in the Woods” being covered by Weezer, and some other sweet features that will keep you busy for quite some time.

Fans of the first film have already picked up Frozen 2 I’m sure, and those that have been buried under the snow will want to check out the original movie and this one. A fun cast of characters going on a fun but dark adventure all in beautiful 4K HDR with Dolby audio, and loads of awesome special features make this a release you’ll want to get lost in the woods with.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell