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Frame Arms Girl
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Frame Arms Girl

Living, fighting toy models highlight this fun and action packed series.

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While I’ve never been much of a toy model person, I did have my fair share of them to put together as a kid. From aircraft carriers to the standard model cars, and even a few not so typical ones such as Mega Man X figures, I was proud to work on these. Sentai Filmworks brings us an anime that takes this building and collecting pride to new levels in Frame Arms Girl. If you’ve ever wished for your (anime) toy models to come alive and have adventures, then you’ll want to snap together for this series.

The show focuses on a young girl named Ao who wakes up one day to find a mysterious box on her doorstep. To her surprise, it contains a tiny living machine girl named Gourai who happens to be a Frame Arms girl. What are those you ask? They’re small toy-like models that feature snap-on parts and accessories to do battle with other Frame Arms girls and learn what it means to be alive of course.

So it isn’t long before two more FA girls show up who wish to do battle with Gourai, and it’s up to Ao to help out. It also isn’t long before the girls become friends and go on all sorts of adventures together. From fighting more FA girls that come their way or trying to find a way to go to school with Ao, there’s never a dull moment with these ladies as toy model action and slice-of-life moments abound here.

I had a good time watching this one as it reminded me a lot of Pokemon but with a nice twist. I found it always fun to see what the girls would get into next, whether it was another battle or just learning something new about life that brings the feels, there was always something cool happening. One could easily dismiss this show as one giant commercial for the popular toys it’s based off in Japan, and maybe on some lines it is. But I’m a child of the 80’s that grew up on shows like that and still enjoy most of them to this day, much like I did with this series.

Speaking of which, everything looks and sounds cool as well thanks to a great Blu-ray transfer of the show where every detail comes through nicely. I’ll admit that the CG animated moments come off a bit clunky, but the real heart of the show helped me look past it. There’s not much in the way of special features, outside some clean and closing animations, but the twelve episodes here are special in their own right.

If you love toy models and anime, then you’ll want to snap together some gear and pick up Frame Arms Girl for your collection. A fun cast of characters having equally fun adventures and battles make this a series you’ll want to dive into.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell