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A short but sweet Yuri piece that mixes sci-fi and romance for something special.

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As I’ve stated in so many of my “slice of life” anime reviews, it’s nice to take a break from the stereotypical, more action oriented stuff and have some fun with the more laid back back fare. One of Sentai Filmworks latest releases, Fragtime, is a nice and short Yuri feature that mixes in some sci-fi elements to make something special for fans of the genre and just anime in general.

Enter the life of Misuzu Moritani, who has the power to stop time for three minutes once a day. What does she do with this power you ask? She upskirts her female classmates because she can. Naturally, like all anime shows, this comes to an interesting halt when she does it to fellow classmate Haruka Murakami who is still able to move during the time freeze. It goes without saying that Misuzu is both shocked and embarrassed and looks to make it up to Haruka. Thus begins a magical friendship between the two as they get to know each other better both in and out of the time freezes, and eventually become something more.

While I did have a good time with this feature, I really wish it could’ve been a longer movie or even a series as they barely touch on any of the deeper parts of what makes both of the young ladies who they are. Also thanks to its hour-long runtime, any problems that arise are quickly resolved with little to no explanation by the time its ready to end. This can be a little frustrating, but if you’re like me and go into this without expecting a lot, then you’ll be fine.

As with all of the Sentai Filmworks releases I’ve seen, the Blu-ray transfer looks and sounds awesome. Both the visuals and audio are vivid and crisp, which is a plus when showing off the theatrical quality art and animation of this feature. As far special features go, there’s some original Japanese promotional stuff to check out, but that’s about it.

If you’re a fan of Yuri features and/or school romance anime with a nice splash of sci-fi, then you’ll want to freeze time enough to pick up Fragtime for your collection. The two ladies here are fun and awesome to watch, though you might find yourself wishing the feature were longer to really get to know them. Here’s hoping someday they’ll make a follow up film or series that won’t be fragged for time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell