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Food Wars The Fourth Plate: Complete Collection
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Food Wars The Fourth Plate: Complete Collection

While it loses some of its cooking steam, the fun culinary battles continue in this release.

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Who knew that Food Wars, an anime about competing cooks, would become of the best shows out there? While I’ve always liked the show and any anime that turns any competition into frantic, action-packed fun as only Japan can do, I would’ve never thought this show would rise to the top as it has. The latest season to be released stateside is Food Wars The Fourth Plate: Complete Collection, which lose a little of its pressure cooker steam, but still has enough culinary showdowns to keep you at the table.

Picking up immediately after the cliffhanger that left fans waiting from the previous season, Soma and his friends are still cooking off against Azami and the Totsuki Ten, who threaten to take over the entire restaurant industry with their style and recipes. Soma isn’t about to take this lightly, as that would mean the end of his culinary dreams along with those of all of his friends. So naturally this lights the fire inside him to push his skills further and past their limit to ensure a future for him and his team.

But even if they’re able to push past Azami and his team, there are other problems cooking on the backburner that will undoubtedly boil over into their current food preparation battles. From issues with friends and family, to the morale of his friends coming and going as they undergo these cooking challenges, this season is one major food war after another that doesn’t end until the spicy finale.

It seemed like it took forever for this highly anticipated season to be released, but it was definitely worth the wait as each episode is one heated cooking battle after another that will have you glued to your seat in suspense as you try to guess how Soma and his friends are going to top the last dish they made, and finding out will it be good enough for the judges. There are a few moments here and there where you can tell the series is losing its staying power as it’ll drag on more than it should, but it still manages to finish strong.

Sentai Filmworks keeps up the amazing high-definition transfers to Blu-ray with this release, as everything looks and sounds amazing. Outside of the usual clean opening and closing titles, there’s not a lot in the special features department, but it’s okay as the season itself is the real reason why we’re here.

Food Wars The Fourth Plate: Complete Collection may drag for a bit here and there, but it’s still a solid season for fans. After everything that’s transpired in the series so far, it’s hard to believe that the fifth and final season just finished in Japan last year, so we’ll have that to look forward to soon. In the meantime, fire up the stove and get your cooking fix on with this release.

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