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Food Wars: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Food Wars: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Comedy, drama, and food all come together for a perfect dish in this tangy anime.

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Every so often, the world of anime will throw you a curveball title that changes the way you look at the genre, and one of those titles is Food Wars: Complete Collection from Sentai Filmworks. Featuring all twenty-four episodes from the first season on three Blu-ray discs, this culinary collection of comedy serves up just the right amount of laughs and drama for any anime viewer.

Enter the life of Soma Yukihira, the son of a master chef that has one of the best restaurants around. He strives to be a better cook than his father and to one day take over the family business. His plans hit a snag when his father closes down the restaurant and decides to travel the world with his cooking skills, and sends Soma to a tough as nails cooking school where only 1% of the students graduate. Here he makes friends and enemies as he tries his best to perfect his craft, overcome cooking challenges as well as other obstacles life throws at him, and of course have comedic adventures in doing so.

Food Wars was a nice change of pace in my anime viewing, as it’s nice to get away from sci-fi, action, mecha stuff and such. It’s filled with anime tropes galore to be sure, but it was always fun to see what Soma was cooking up next, both figuratively and literally, as well as seeing people have “foodgasms” as they taste his food and others. There’s some of drama filled moments during the comedic parts that Soma will have to overcome if he’s to succeed, and those bits helped keep me into the series until its culinary conclusion. Getting to see this anime cook up a storm in high definition was a plus, as the visuals and audio come through nicely, and the special features are kept light with clean opening and ending credits.

Those looking for something different in the realm of anime will want to have a seat at the table of Food Wars: Complete Collection. A nice blend of comedy and drama comes to a boil in a nicely refreshing meal that anime fans or those wanting something fun to watch will want to chow down on.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell