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Flip Flappers: Complete Collection
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Flip Flappers: Complete Collection

A cool coming-of-age story with magical girl elements that will have you flipping out for more.

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Every so often, the world of anime will put out a fun and unique title that tends to pull viewers to it for many reasons. One of the latest ones from Sentai Filmworks does just that in their release of Flip Flappers: Complete Collection. Featuring thirteen episodes of two girls trying to fight their way through magical girl transformations, enemies, and of course adolescence and the many feelings that come with it, this is an interesting series that anyone will come to enjoy.

As with most anime, the story follows the life of Cocona, a somber young girl making her way through middle school while living with her grandmother. As she struggles with schoolwork, where to attend high school next, and all sorts of feelings and confusion that come with becoming a young adult, she bumps into a very weird but chipper girl named Papika while trying to find a quiet place to think in the woods. Soon this strange girl pulls her into an alternate dimension called Pure Illusion that changes form to reflect the inner psyche of any who enter. After some strange creatures bump into the girls and end up with Cocona’s glasses and Papika getting hurt badly trying to get them back, Cocona transforms into a powerful being and saves Papika from the creatures. This is thanks to some magical crystals located all over Pure Illusion (and embedded in both girls) that Papika and her secret organization called Flip Flap are looking for and invite Cocona to join them.

It isn’t long before another adventure places Cocona in deadly peril and causes Papika to transform into a powerful being as well, and the two soon discover they’re magical girls where Cocona turns into Pure Blade and Papika into Pure Barrier. The two decide to train harder and find more crystals to master their magical forms, but it will take both of them to synchronize their minds and feelings to do. This proves difficult as all sorts of problems appear throughout the series such as learning some of Cocona’s schoolmates also possess and are looking for crystals too, as well as the girls’ polar opposite personalities getting in the way that will push both of them and their feelings to the limit.

I haven’t seen a well done anime like this in quite some time, as it mixes just the right amount of comedy, action, and even some yuri-like moments as the girls struggle with their feelings of “friendship or more?” going on between them. Papika and Cocona are well done characters that play off of each other nicely as opposites that learn to come together, which made me cheer them on as the series played out. Thanks to a Blu-ray release, everything looks and sounds good in high definition which also gives viewers the option to watch it with the original Japanese audio or the English dub. There’s not a lot in the way of extras outside of clean opening and closing animations, but the thirteen episodes of the show on two discs is its own bonus.

Flip Flappers: Complete Collection is a fun and unique anime ride I hadn’t been on in awhile that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has the right combination of action, comedy, and plenty of young adult struggles and feelings to keep any viewers glued to their seats. So go ahead and let this series flip flop in your collection, and hang on for a magical ride through adolescence.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell