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Fences (Blu-ray)
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Fences (Blu-ray)

A deep and moving tale that makes the hit play an even bigger masterpiece.

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I just want to say that I’m one of the biggest Denzel Washington fans out there, so it was a no-brainer that I had to see him team with Viola Davis in the film Fences that’s based off the hit play they worked on for some time. I’m more than happy to say the movie is everything I hoped for in a masterpiece and more, as it’s without a doubt one of Washington’s best performances (and Davis’ who won an Academy Award for it) while also being one of this year’s best films.

Fellow colleague Chris Sobrinski also enjoyed the movie as much as I did, and you can catch his take along with the plot details in his review of the theatrical release. I’m in agreement with him as this masterpiece is one that grows on you the more you watch and become engrossed with its characters. Normally when one thinks of plays based on people struggling to make it in Anytown USA, they think it’ll be on the slow and boring side. Thankfully that’s not the case here thanks to the amazing performances by the cast and Denzel Washington’s directing skills that draw you into this film.

Speaking of drawing viewers in, thanks to watching this in high definition, the visuals and audio are top notch and make sure every detail from cracks on walls to every important piece of dialogue are seen and heard perfectly. When the curtain goes down, there’s a few special features to view, such as “Expanding the Audience: From Stage to Screen”. Here Denzel Washington talks about he came to be pulled into the play and how he wanted to do it for awhile before turning it into a feature film. Some of the cast also share their experiences from working on the play and bringing their roles to the big screen. “The Company of Fences” has the cast of the movie that were part of the 2010 play talk about the film, and “Building Fences: Denzel Washington” has the famed director/producer/actor discuss how he went about bringing the Broadway hit to the silver screen. “Playing the Part: Rose Maxson” has Academy Award winner Viola Davis talk about her role as Rose and how she went about bringing her to life in both the play and in the movie, while “August Wilson’s Hill District” features Denzel and some of the cast and crew talking about how they shot the movie in and around the Hill District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Denzel Washington hones his craft as a director and amazing actor with Fences, as he and the cast give some of their best performances to show viewers a struggling family going through hard times that we can relate to in some shape or form. If you’re a fan of the play or just want to sit down with a well crafted, well acted drama, then look no further than this highly recommended masterpiece.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell