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Eden of the East: Premium Edition (Blu-ray)
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Eden of the East: Premium Edition (Blu-ray)

A fun and awesome anime thriller that everyone should give a chance.

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I remember hearing about Eden of the East quite some time ago, but never got around to checking it out or even learning about its premise. Good things truly do come to those who wait, as our buddies at Funimation not only hooked me up with a review copy of the series, but the two movies that followed it in the Eden of the East: Premium Edition set. All eleven episodes of this exciting and fun thriller and the two movies are included in a set that belongs on every anime fan’s shelf.

The story starts off on Monday, November 22, 2010 with ten missiles hitting Japan that caused some damage but surprisingly no one is killed by them. This incident is later called “Careless Monday” and is soon forgotten. Three months have passed since the incident and a young lady by the name of Saki Morimi is visiting Washington D.C. as part of her school graduation trip. When she comes across some trouble on her trip, a mysterious young Japanese guy shows up out of nowhere and saves her. This would be awesome if it wasn’t for the fact he’s completely naked and is holding a gun and cell phone in his hands. Turns out he has lost his memory, but has a lot of fake passports back at his apartment, so he chooses one with the name Akira Takizawa.

The two make their way back to Japan where a new missile attack has just struck the country, and Akira discovers that he has 8.2 billion Yen on his Cell phone. He also learns he’s part of some twisted game where twelve people have been chosen to have 10 billion Yen to help “save” Japan in some way. Use up all the money or on selfish things, and the person is killed by the mysterious twelfth person. The chosen can call a wild and weird lady named Juiz to use their money, but they have to use it wisely or risk being killed. So now it’s up to our young heroes Akira and Saki to find out who is behind the missile attacks, Akira’s involvement in them and hopefully recover his lost memory while running across the other chosen people. Since this quest is so huge, it spilled over into two feature length movies titled “The King of Eden” which takes place not long after the events of the series, and “Paradise Lost” that takes place mere hours after the first film.

Needless to say I highly enjoyed this anime, as I love mystery/thriller stuff. This coupled with fun anime leads going on one adventure after another while growing closer to each other is a definite plus as well. The artwork and animation is pretty good on the series, but is taken up a few notches for the movies. All of this looks and sounds awesome thanks to the high definition Blu-ray treatment of the material. There’s also a huge amount of extras to look at after the adventures come to a close. Most of them involve interviews with the writers and directors of the series and movies, an interview with the music composer for both, commercials and trailers and more that’s sure to keep viewers entertained just as much as the series and movies do.

If you’re looking for something fun and different to watch in anime besides top heavy ladies fighting giant robots (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you’ll want to check out the Eden of the East: Premium Edition set. An intriguing premise, fun lead characters and a great story make this a treat you don’t have to go around the world to find.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell