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The Eden of Grisaia: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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The Eden of Grisaia: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Yuji and the ladies are back for more perverted fun and action in this follow up series.

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While I’ve never played the visual novel games (though fellow editor Cory has you covered right here), I did enjoy the crazy and often perverted fun and action that was The Fruit of Grisaia anime series. Since both the anime and games have done well, a follow up was inevitable with The Eden of Grisaia: Complete Collection. Featuring ten episodes and the OVA, those who loved the first season and games will get more of the same zaniness as Yuji and the ladies are back in action.

Picking up not long after the first series, Yuji’s dark and mysterious past is still doing its best to catch up with him, despite trying to make things right and befriending the lovely ladies he’s come across. As he and some of the girls continue to fight on various missions they’re called on to do, a lot of dark secrets come out from not only Yuji and his doings, but also from the ladies that might just tear them and their relationships apart. I don’t want to go into too much as not to spoil anything, but let’s just say everyone isn’t going to get a happy ending by the show’s end.

I did enjoy watching this for the most part, but I really didn’t care for the flash forwards and backs too much, mainly because there’s no sense of time between them. So something could be happening one moment and then the next you’re looking at a flashback or forward but don’t know it because there was no transition to indicate the switch. This leads to a lot of head scratching that you’ll have to push past in order to fully grasp the series and what’s going on.

Besides that though, the show looks and sounds good in high definition as the visuals and audio come through crisp and clear. There isn’t much in the way of special features outside of textless opening and closing clips, but the ten episodes and bonus OVA should suffice for those who watch.

If you can get past the badly implemented flashbacks and forwards, you might just enjoy the crazy ride with Yuji and the gang in The Eden of Grisaia: Complete Collection. It would’ve been nice to have some extras to go along with it, but the show is zany and dark enough to keep you watching until its twisted end.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell