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Drunk History: Season Four (DVD)
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Drunk History: Season Four (DVD)

The infamous show returns in one of its best and funniest seasons yet.

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I’ve been a fan of Drunk History ever since learning about it from Funny or Die and when it found success on Comedy Central to become one of its best shows. Now we’ve come to the latest season to be released on DVD with Drunk History: Season Four that collects all ten hilarious episodes along with some nice special features that’ll make you want to break out the beer and wine while learning pieces of history in the process.

Those familiar with this series already know that anything goes with historical accuracy or realism as series creator/host Derek Waters gathers another fun group of people to get drunk and discuss historical stories with. Of course with the person being drunk and some becoming even more so while retelling the tale, this doesn’t always bode well as the person will burp, pass out, and more which the characters of the story will also do, thanks to the hilarious cast that act out the story. From Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley fame playing American psychologist Timothy Leary going on an LSD fueled adventure, to Bokeem Woodbine portraying George Washington, this is some of the most fun you’ll ever have learning history. They even manage to pull in Lin-Manuel Miranda from the famous Hamilton play to give a drunk retelling of Alexander Hamilton, which is well worth the price of admission in itself.

While I would’ve preferred a high def, Blu-ray release, this DVD collection performs well in the audio and visual departments, which is always a plus given the humor comes from both the characters acting out the drunk retellings and hearing the inebriated person talking. I’m also glad to say there’s a nice amount of extras featured, with my favorite being the 2016 “Election Special” that has Derek Waters and Steve Berg go over some of the best Drunk History episodes involving presidents and elections. As with the previous DVD collections of this series, there’s also a nice amount of extended drunk narrator moments and deleted scenes that are always fun to watch as you see just how crazy the show can get and what had to be cut from the aired version.

Drunk History: Season Four offers some of the best moments of the series so far and is a must-have for fans and those looking for a way to make learning history fun. Derek Waters does it again with another fun group of people who get drunk to spin the story, and with selecting the talented comedians and actors to play the characters in these drunken tales. So pick up a copy, pull out the alcohol and get ready to learn, laugh, and partially remember some history.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell