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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (Blu-ray)
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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (Blu-ray)

The latest DBZ film comes home in a super saiyan package that fans will power up for.

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It’s hard to believe that it was just two months ago when I saw and reviewed Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, which turned out to be a pretty good entry in the long line of DBZ films. Now the movie is finally available on in a sweet looking Blu-ray/DVD combo pack for fans to enjoy, while its super saiyan energy is sure to attract others into watching and leading them to find out what the powered up fuss is all about.

As I reviewed the film already, I’ll just place a handy link HERE for those who wish to see it or re-read if you’ve seen it already, and I’ll just go into the presentation, extras and such of the Blu-ray. It goes without saying that Funimation does a great job on their Blu-ray transfers, as the picture and sound is absolutely stunning. The colors, details, and animation feel as though they’re flying off the screen, as everything is so sharp and vivid. The audio is just as awesome, as now viewers have the option of watching it in English or its original Japanese dialogue in perfect surround sound that will pull you into the film along with the visuals.

Our friends at Funimation were kind enough to send over the Collector’s Edition of the movie, so there’s a few awesome extras on top of the cool ones featured on the disc. The set comes packaged in a sweet looking slipcase that unfolds into a picture of Goku and Vegeta behind the discs. There’s also four holographic Frieza Force propaganda postcards included that DBZ fans are sure to love. As far as disc extras go, there’s “The Voices of Dragon Ball Z” that features a picture-in-picture that goes into the making of the movie while you watch it. “The Return of Dragon Ball Z” has some of the cast doing interviews along with some red carpet footage from the premiere of the film.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is a fun movie that DBZ and anime fans will love. Even if you’re not a fan of either of those, you just might like it if you’re looking for something fun and different to watch. Featuring some nice extras along with a sweet collector’s edition for die-hard fans, this is one film you’ll want want to charge up for and add to your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell