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Dora and Friends (DVD)
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Dora and Friends (DVD)

Dora’s a little older and has all new friends in her latest series of adventures!

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Seeing that Dora the Explorer has been around for over a decade, it only made sense to eventually have the character get older and move on to newer things. Well the time has finally come as Dora has grown up some and has all new friends and adventures in the Dora and Friends DVD. Featuring four episodes from her latest show, viewers are sure to enjoy her and her friends solving one problem after another while singing and having fun as they go.

This new series has Dora now going to a school in the fictional city known as Playa Verde. She soon makes some new friends by the names of Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana and Pablo that go around helping others in their community in both real and magical ways. Along the way, kids and their families who watch will learn problem solving skills, some Spanish and also some things about Latino culture. Also helping her out in place of her trusty map is the Map App on her smartphone, and she also uses a charm bracelet that has magical powers to help out whenever it’s needed to solve problems dealing with magic.

Dora will need all the help she can get in these four adventures from the show, starting with “We Save a Pirate Ship!”. Here the gang attends a Pirate Festival that’s helping to restore the city’s ancient seaside fort. While there, Dora promises a boy named Jorge that he will get to steer the festival’s pirate ship ride, but when the ride is a no show, it falls on her and her buddies to make their own ride. But of course this means going on a magical adventure to do so, which involves a talking pirate ship and more.

The other three adventures are just as fun, such as “The Magic Ring” where Pablo finds a magic ring that ends up shrinking him, leaving Dora and her friends to find a way to break the spell. “The Royal Ball” has the group going on a magical adventure to in another land and contending with a dragon. The last episode “Dance Party” features Dora and her friends throwing a dance party to help raise money for the town’s new dance school, but when a magic mirror ball transports them to a far away land where dancing is forbidden, it’s up to them to show people how fun it is.

While this DVD is meant for younger audiences, I enjoyed watching an older Dora and friends go on one adventure after another. I like how the show focuses on both real-life problems as well as magical ones this time around. There’s also plenty of catchy songs throughout the episodes that’s sure to get any viewer’s foot tapping. The visuals and audio come in nice and clear for a DVD release, but sadly there aren’t any special features. But four episodes that bring 90 minutes of fun with an optional Spanish audio track should be enough to keep kids and their families happy.

Fans and those who have never seen Dora before are sure to enjoy the Dora and Friends DVD. It would’ve been nice to have some bonus features added, but the four episodes presented here should be more than enough to entertain those who visit Playa Verde until the next release.

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