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Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection
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Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection

An awkward but interesting dark anime for those looking for more adult fare.

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While I’ve been reviewing a lot of slice-of-life anime shows from Sentai Filmworks that focus on normal or happy fun times, every so often one will come along that shakes up everything about the genre. This leads us to Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection, a very adult slice-of-life anime that gives viewers a lesson in being careful what you wish for.

Things start off simple enough with teenager Natsuo Fuji having a crush on one of his teachers, Hina Tachibana. Even knowing that nothing could ever come of it, he still can’t help but be in love with her. His friends convince him to come to a party to meet some cute girls and forget about his problems, and he ends up meeting one named Rui. They hit it off nicely at the party, maybe a little too nicely as they end up having a one night stand not long afterwards.

While it wasn’t the best for either of them, they don’t worry about it much as they’ll never see each other again, until they do thanks to Natsuo’s dad marrying Rui’s mom. The fun doesn’t stop there either, as it turns out his teacher Hina is Rui’s sister. So yeah, you can already imagine how dark and twisted this show is going to get, and it’s an uncensored ride as well.

I’ll admit, I’ve seen a few pervy anime shows here and there, but this one takes things to crazy levels. It’s clear the people who made this series knew what they were doing, as it’s something so twisted and messed up, that you can’t help but see it through to the end, like a trainwreck. The high-definition visuals and audio (along with being uncensored) will pull viewers in and keep them hooked on every episode to see just how far it goes. As far as the special features go, there’s clean opening and closing animations and not much else.

Those looking for an adult spin on the slice-of-life genre will want to check out Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection. It’s a love tale gone crazy that will pull you in with its seemingly simple story at first and kinky uncensored bits later for a wild ride that you can’t help but see through to the end.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell