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Doctor Strange (Blu-ray 3D)
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Doctor Strange (Blu-ray 3D)

One of the best and most fun Marvel origin stories that anyone can enjoy.

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While I’ve never read a Doctor Strange comic book, I’ve always been a fan of the character and especially his origin story. It’s been done plenty of times before to be sure, as the hero was once arrogant and has to be knocked off their high horse to learn humility while also discovering great power (*cough* Tony Stark in Iron Man *cough*), but there’s something that tends to attract people to this. That’s exactly the case here with Benedict Cumberbatch starring in Doctor Strange on the Blu-ray 3D I was sent for review, which puts together a fun time that fans and newcomers can enjoy even more in 3D.

Fellow editor Chris Pandolfi has all the plot details and more in his review of the theatrical release of the film, leaving me to go into the 3D release and the extras featured here. Unlike his review though, I actually loved watching Doctor Strange and his “strange” origin tale play out. While me and some of my friends would’ve loved Benedict Cumberbatch to use his normal, British accent voice, it wasn’t too bad listening to his Americanized one in this feature. Let me go ahead and address the elephant the room here, yes…it appears the director and special effects crew were infatuated with Christopher Nolan’s Inception, as viewers will get more of their fair share of upside-down, topsy-turvy rooms, buildings, and streets caving in on themselves time and again here.

But to be fair, watching this movie on Blu-ray in 3D makes these effects look all the more mesmerizing. The 3D effect is used really well here, as it also enhances the action scenes and the special effects of magic and magical weapons being used in combat. The best use of 3D is definitely the chase sequence that takes place in New York that features loads of the Inception effect that’s sure to make any viewer hold onto their seats as the high definition visuals and audio combined with the effects places them right in the middle of the magical chaos that ensues.

Once you’re done casting spells and the credits roll, there’s a nice amount of magical extras to go through. First off, there’s audio commentary with writer/director Scott Derrickson as he shares how he came up with certain elements for scenes and shots that’s pretty informative and fun to listen to. The biggest of the extras are the many featurettes that total to nearly an hour of behind the scenes coverage, action scenes and special effect details, interviews with the cast and crew, and more. I also enjoyed the deleted scenes that don’t add much to the film but are fun to look at anyway. The two extras I really loved are “Team Thor: Part 2” that has Thor sharing an apartment with roommate, telling tales of his heroics to kids, and other funny stuff he does when he’s not saving the world. The other one is the hilarious “Gag Reel” that has some truly funny moments with the cast and crew flubbing lines, being silly (especially Cumberbatch), and just having fun on the set whenever they can.

Watching Doctor Strange in 2D is already exciting enough, but being able to experience it in 3D is the way to go, especially with the special effects taking the Inception effect to new heights. Take that and the awesome cast playing their roles perfectly, great action, crisp, detailed visuals and audio, and some awesome special features, and you have a magical good time you’ll want to add to your Blu-ray dimension collection.

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