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Devils’ Line: Complete Collection
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Devils’ Line: Complete Collection

A vampire anime series with enough action and romance to bite into.

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Yeah I know, another vampire anime series. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for them (pun intended of course) as I’ve seen my fair share of both good and bad ones. The latest one from Sentai Filmworks is the Devils’ Line: Complete Collection. It has just enough action, romance, and mystery going on that’s worth biting into.

This series flips everything we know about vampires on its head, as they’re called “devils” here and can be out during the way, holy water doesn’t work on them, and they look just like anyone else while also having some that are good and some who are bad. The only time they look like monsters is when they feed on human blood, and that’s where our hero, Yuki Anzai comes into play. He’s a half-human vampire that has all of the powers of his dark kin while just human enough to resist his dark desires.

He’s part of an elite team of devils who patrol the city and stop those who would drink human blood or have already done so and gone berserk. As with all anime action shows, his will is put to the test when he rescues a young lady named Tsukasa Taira from a devil, and the two start to fall for each other. As they become closer, the urge to drink her blood becomes more intense for Yuki, as do the devil attacks against them and the rest of the city.

You’ll have to see for yourself if Yuki can fight off the blood urges and evil devils, but I know I enjoyed sitting through this series as it had me excited to see what was going to happen next. Yeah sure, you can predict some of what’s coming at times, but it’s still a lot better than some of the other action anime I’ve seen recently.

As with most newer series being released on Blu-ray, everything looks and sounds great, with plenty of details on the visual and audio side of things. While the special features are light with clean opening and closing animations, there is a pretty cool extra in the form of a bonus OVA episode you can check out after watching the initial twelve episode show.

If you’re into supernatural and/or vampire anime series, the Devils’ Line: Complete Collection is a pretty good one to sink your fangs into. It’ll pull you in with the action while the mystery and romance and where it will go will have you binge watching this collection into the night.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell