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Deadpool 2
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Deadpool 2

The merc with a mouth is back and crazier than ever in this sequel.

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Like most fans of Deadpool, I was waiting for the beloved character to get the big screen treatment he so deserved for the longest time. We finally got that in 2016 which also became one of Marvel’s biggest and best releases. So with the bar being set so high, I wasn’t sure if a sequel could live up to it. Thankfully Deadpool 2 does with even more action and insane humor, though it might not be a nicely structured as the first movie. Even still, there’s plenty to love and more than enough chimichangas for all that watch.

Our own Travis Seppala enjoyed this while it tore its way into the box office earlier this year. Be sure to check out his review for all of the plot details and more while I go into my take on the film and the special features of the home release. As I mentioned earlier, things are a bit jumbled around in this film, as though they were trying to do too much too often. But there’s still plenty of laughs, action, and more laughs to be had here.

I had a great time to be sure, mainly because of how Ryan Reynolds nails Deadpool to a tee once again as he breaks the fourth wall even more this time around, almost to the point of being too much. But we can never get enough of the merc with a mouth, right? I thought you’d agree, because the home release not only has the theatrical cut, but the extended “Super Duper $@%!#& Cut” as well.

Clocking in around 15 minutes or so of extended scenes and new ones, this cut takes the insane comedy and action to slightly higher levels thanks to parts such as an extended bit in the X-Mansion where Deadpool goes to town cracking on it and more, and another part where he tries to kill himself in various, crazy ways. There’s even more jokes packed in this version as we get to hear some different ones and alternate takes that didn’t make the theatrical cut, and more. While it doesn’t add too much or take away from the original version to make it completely different, it’s still nice to see some of the fun bits they cut out.

Speaking of things cut out, there’s some really sweet special features that are nearly as good as a stack of chimichangas. There’s the standard audio commentary with Ryan Reynolds, director David Leitch, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Here they have fun talking about the production, stories about filming and more, all with Ryan cracking jokes Deadpool style to make this a must to listen to. “Deadpool Family Values: Cast of characters” goes into the family theme of the movie with Deadpool joining Colossus, Cable, Domino and more as the cast and crew discuss how it was making these characters, getting them to work together, and such.

“David Leitch Not Lynch: Directing DP2” has director David Leitch going over his life and career as a stunt coordinator/stuntman to finally making his way to the director’s chair, “Deadpool’s Lips are sealed: Secrets and Easter Eggs” is a fun and funny extra detailing all of the easter eggs hidden in the movie with director David Leitch challenging viewers to find them all. There’s a ton more of extras including featurettes and behind the scenes goodness that will have you intrigued and laughing, especially the deleted scenes where one contains in the infamous killing Hitler as a baby scene that was cut not long before the film hit theaters.

If you love Deadpool and his first film, then seeing Deadpool 2 is a must. While it might not be as solid as the first, the action and most notably the comedy will have you pumped and rolling around on the floor. If the movie wasn’t enough, the special features are some of the best I’ve ever seen and it shows how much fun everyone had making this film. So go on and pick this one up before Deadpool “convinces” you to do so.

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