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Date A Live: Season Two (Blu-ray)
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Date A Live: Season Two (Blu-ray)

The power of dating to save the world continues in the second season of this wacky series.

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After watching the craziness unfold in the first season of Date A Live, I already knew that more adventures for Shido and his lady friends couldn’t be far off. Turns out I was right as Funimation has recently released Date A Live: Season Two that features ten more episodes plus a bonus OVA that brings even more frantic, romantic action and comedy to the table for all to see.

Picking up not too long after the events of the first season, Kotori, Shido and his many gal pals are doing their best to get along and not cause too much trouble. But of course this doesn’t last for long as more spirit ladies begin to show up and cause havoc with the spatial quakes they bring. It’s up to Shido to do what he does best and stop them with the power of dating and a kiss, despite not being the best ladies man out there. As if things weren’t complicated enough, there’s an organization that’s out on the hunt for the ladies and will do anything and everything to put them down. Throw in a lady spirit that only loves other ladies, and you know it’s going to take everything Shido and the girls have to keep them and the world from falling apart.

I had a blast watching the manic events unfold here as I did with the first season. I didn’t think I would ever get back into harem themed anime, but this one somehow grew on me the more I watched. Maybe it was the fun cast of characters and the many intense situations they got into, both good and bad that kept me watching and enjoying it. Whatever the case may be, this is one series fans of the genre will want to check out, especially with the well done high definition transfer that makes everything look and sound great. And when the fun is over, there are plenty of extras you can go back and check out, such as audio commentaries on select episodes, some fun promotional extras, trailers and more.

Date A Live: Season Two coupled with the previous season is a fun time for both anime/harem fans or those just wanted to check out something different. A nice cast of characters mixed with some funny and dramatic elements on top of some well placed action make for a date you don’t want to miss out on.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell