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Date A Live: Season One (Blu-ray)
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Date A Live: Season One (Blu-ray)

Saving the world through dating has never been more adventurous than in this anime series.

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With a title like Date A Live, I had no idea what kind of shenanigans I would be stepping into, though I did kind of gather by the front cover that it would feature a lot of lovely anime ladies. Date A Live: Season One contains twelve episodes of wacky action, drama and romance that could only come from an anime that shows the world can be saved by the power of dating.

The plot follows a terrible event that happened 30 years ago called a “spatial quake” that nearly destroyed most of Asia and caused millions to lose their lives. Ever since that day, smaller quakes have appeared on a irregular basis and continue to cause pain and suffering for those caught in their wake. One day as a quake occurs, the main character named Shido comes across a young warrior girl who was in the center of where the quake struck. Shido’s adopted sister named Kotori informs him that the girl is a “spirit” from another dimension and that the spatial quakes are what happen when they cross over into our realm. He also learns he has the power to stop the quakes from happening by sealing the spirit’s powers, but in order to do this he has to date the spirit ladies, make them fall in love with him and kiss him (Yup, only in the anime world would something like this work). So it’s up to Shido and Kotori to save the world as he gains both friends and enemies in his quest, as well as a lot of ladies fighting over him and his affection.

To say the least, Date A Live is one of the wackiest animes I’ve seen. That summary alone should tell you exactly the kind of wild stuff you’re getting into when you watch this. While it does play out like most harem shows go, there’s also a nice amount of action and drama that comes into play and helps keep things interesting throughout. The artwork and animation quality is pretty good and comes through nicely in high definition as well as the crystal clear audio for the Japanese and English dubs. The special features include actor commentaries on select episodes, something that is always fun to listen to, along with promotional videos, trailers and more.

If you’re an anime fan looking for something wild and fun to watch, Date A Live: Season One should fit the bill nicely. While the stereotypical anime tropes are here, there’s enough action, comedy and drama to satisfy anyone who watches, and the actor commentaries are awesome to listen to as you view the series. With that being said, you’ll want to make a date with your Blu-ray player and check this one out, as it’s sure to shake up your love for anime.

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