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Cutie Honey Universe: Complete Collection
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Cutie Honey Universe: Complete Collection

The flashing heroine is back and ready for action and laughs in her latest release.

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I remember learning about Cutie Honey back in the mid-90’s along with creator Go Nagai’s other creations such as Devilman and so on. I didn’t get to see the famed heroine in action until later on when I saw New Cutie Honey on VHS some years ago. After numerous other releases later including a live action movie and TV series, we come to Cutie Honey Universe: Complete Collection. If you’re a fan of the character or just love loads of fanservice, you’ll want to explore this zany universe.

Our heroine Honey Kisaragi is one of the most nice and cute young ladies out there, and she’s all about helping out her friends at the Saint Chapel Academy. But little do they know that she’s not even human, as she’s really the world’s most advanced android that can change into different forms of herself, each with their own abilities by yelling her famous catch phrase “Honey Flash”. In typical Go Nagai fashion as well as with most magical girl transformations, Honey becomes completely naked during her changes which the franchise quickly became known for.

It’s also known for her most powerful form in which she uses a sword and her amazing combat skills to fight off evildoers. These enemies come in all shapes and sizes, from skilled fighters to monsters that look like they crawled out of the Devilman series. At the top of all of these baddies is Sister Jill who leads Panther Claw, an evil organization that’s all about taking Honey away and using her powers for their own. Thankfully Honey has her own band of friends to back her up in taking down Sister Jill and keeping her powers a secret.

I was surprised at how much fun I had with this series, as I’m usually not a fan of anime shows with gratuitous “fanservice”. Speaking of which, fans will be happy to know that this release contains the uncensored versions of the episodes, making sure the show lives up to its “Honey Flash” catchphrase.

This flashing series looks and sounds great on Blu-ray, as the art and animation look crisp and the audio is loud and clear. Outside of clean opening and closing animations, there’s nothing in the extras department to check out. It’s okay though, because most who pick this up will only care about the special feature of Honey transforming into different versions of herself.

Cutie Honey Universe: Complete Collection is a fanservice-packed time for fans and those looking for something fun to watch. As long as you’re down with the uncensored flashing from Honey and even some of her enemies, there’s plenty of action and cute comedic moments to be had in this release.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell