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Code Geass: Season Two (DVD)
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Code Geass: Season Two (DVD)

The action, drama, and countless questions continue to build in this thrilling entry of the series.

Thank goodness I was sent Code Geass: Season Two along with the first one, as the many questions and cliffhangers in this series demands you commit to it or be driven crazy by not knowing what’s going on. Thankfully my friends at Funimation have me covered with this next batch of twenty-five episodes, which enables me to highly recommend this show to those who enjoy deep and thrilling stories that continue to haunt you long after you’re done watching.

Without spoiling anything from the previous season, things aren’t looking too good for Lelouch and his allies a year after they started to fight back against the Holy Britannian Empire, which still continues to take over the world country by country by stripping them of their culture, freedom, and names as they become new “areas” for them to control. It seems as though all hope for a better future is lost as Zero is nowhere to be found and the black knights are nearing the end of their rope. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, but if Zero and his friends can’t get it together, it’ll be lights out for the world as we know it, forever.

As with the first season, the mech battles, political intrigue, and cliffhanging drama continues to set the stage for this awesome follow up season. Viewers will be both happy and saddened to learn that answers to long awaited questions come along only to have more questions spring up in their place. Regardless, this season is just as exciting and intense as the previous one if not more so, and the characters you’ve come to love and cherish get to shine even brighter this time around as they are pushed to new limits. As with the other season set, the visuals and audio come through nicely for a DVD, as the artwork and score are both stunning and help draw you even more into the show as you watch. For the special features, there’s trailers along with different textless opening and closing clips to take a look at after the adventure ends.

Code Geass: Season Two is a must have for those who took a chance on the first season and want to see it through. I just learned recently that another season is in the works along with a trilogy of films that shows just how popular this series is. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lelouch and his friends, but for now do yourself a favor and join the revolution with your own Geass power and add this series to your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell