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Clarence: Mystery Pinata (DVD)
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Clarence: Mystery Pinata (DVD)

Cartoon Network’s latest wacky animated series may be light on extras but will appeal to Adventure Time fans.

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Those who have been keeping up with my reviews already know that I’m a fan of some of Cartoon Network’s newer and crazier fare out there, such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. In the same spirit as those shows, the legend continues with one of their newest releases called Clarence. Cartoon Network has gathered twelve of the wildest episodes from the series with the Clarence: Mystery Pinata DVD that’s sure to make people want to get caught up on one of the funniest shows they’ve been missing out on.

As with Adventure Time, I didn’t care for Clarence at first glance as I thought that it would be some dumb, unfunny show. Also as with Adventure Time, I was so glad to be proven wrong after giving it a chance, as it’s right up there with the rest of Cartoon Network’s great shows. It’s kind of hard to describe Clarence but I’ll do my best. All I can say is that it follows the adventures of a boy named…yup…Clarence who tends to see the best in everyone and everything out there. His optimism earns him two friends named Jeff and Sumo, who couldn’t be anymore different as Jeff is smart and proper while Sumo is not too smart and rambunctious as all outdoors. Clarence is the glue that holds them together as they get into one mishap after another, whether it’s getting lost in a grocery store, to making up an award system in school to make everyone feel good about themselves, there’s always something crazy going on in the world of Clarence.

Throw in Clarence’s mom named Mary who supports her son no matter what, and the school bully Belson who’s often jealous of Clarence and tries to mess up his plans, much to no avail, and you have one fun series that anyone can watch and enjoy. I really liked how the show captures the fun and innocence of being a kid, such as feeling like you can do anything and everything, while also showing some of the problems that kids go through as they grow up. It’s comes off as a nice mix of a comedy / slice-of-life series that really threw me off guard with it’s simplistic look.

For a DVD release, everything looks and sounds as good as the medium can provide. The only special feature here is the pilot episode that shows how Clarence met Jeff and Sumo by throwing a slumber party that only they came to. It’s a fun little treat that I’m glad was included, but it makes me wish there were more extras or that this was a complete season one release.

The Clarence: Mystery Pinata DVD is one of the best shows I’ve seen from Cartoon Network. It’s a fun and happy little series that’s sure to make any who watch feel the same as Clarence and his buds get into all sorts of crazy mishaps. While I wish there were more extras, I can only hope for a Blu-ray season one release soon, as I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the world of Clarence.

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