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Cinderella Nine: Complete Collection
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Cinderella Nine: Complete Collection

Teamwork makes the dream work in this dramatically fun series.

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In the early 2000’s, I had checked out a baseball anime series called Princess Nine that featured some girls at a school trying to put together a baseball club, make it to the finals, and deal with their own personal struggles. Now here are nearly twenty years later with the Cinderella Nine: Complete Collection that looks to be a spiritual successor of sorts that’s just as exciting and enjoyable for anyone to play ball with.

The plot follows Arihara Tsubasa, a young lady attending Satogahama High School, an all-girls academy that just recently opened the doors for guys to attend as well. Wanting to form a ladies baseball club and team, Arihara takes it upon herself to get one started, but she has to find four other members to make the club official. Her best friend Tomoe is one she can count on at least, and it doesn’t take long to fill out the rest of the team with various other schoolmates ranging from cheerleaders to student council members.

One the team gets started, they’ll have to get along and get it together if they want to be a solid group and make it to the top. But they’ll also have to contend with other obstacles and challenges along the way from team issues, school woes, and personal problems that constantly threaten to tear the team apart. If these ladies can press on and overcome, they just might have what it takes to be the best out there.

As with Princess Nine, this series caught my attention and didn’t let go until the last play. The cast is fun to watch and make everything good and bad a joy to see play out. Naturally there’s some typical anime tropes going on, like the cute but silly one, the tough one that’s actually a sweetheart deep down, and so on, but they all have something that makes keep you watching. Everything looks and sounds great on Blu-ray that helps pull you into the games more, and special features are light with some original Japanese promotional videos and a few trailers for other Sentai Filmworks titles.

Those who enjoy sports anime and are looking for something different with girls baseball will want to batter up with the Cinderella Nine: Complete Collection. A great and fun cast lead the way through the typical ups and downs of being on a sports team while also dealing with school and personal issues that will have you cheering these lovely ladies on to the finish.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell